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7.5 / 10 - 176

2048 Fuzzy Monsters

Journey through the magical world of the Fuzzy Monsters. Swipe the screen to move the monsters around your board. Combine the monsters to create new and more powerful Fuzzy Monsters. The various levels of the game require you to overcome challenges to score points within a limited time frame, or limited number of moves. Can you beat the levels by creating a 32 monster within 25 moves, a 64 monster within 60 seconds or can you make it to the ultimate challenge: creating the 2048 monster? If you get stuck, spin the wheel to get a boost. Dr. Unger has a cunning plan to capture all the monsters and become King of the Land of the Fuzzy Monsters. Team up with the Fuzzy Monsters to beat the evil Dr. Unger! Download the full version of the game on your mobile phone, desktop and tablet by clicking on the link in the game.

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