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8.2 / 10 - 36

Hardcore Pawn

Make your way through each level while killing enemies and collecting coins for a high score! In Hardcore Pawn, you are a chess piece. You are playing in a Celtic World. A once beautiful kingdom, almost in ruins. The war has ended, but no one ever though it would! Now the sun rises in a land of peace. You must start the war again! You can move your pawn with the W, A, S, and D keys or the directional arrows on your keyboard. Click the left mouse button to attack. Press the P button to pause and look at skills. Press the up button again after jumping to use your "magnetism" skill and stick to walls. Click the left mouse button while in magnetism mode to use your cannon and fire at enemies. The red balls are called Health Orbs. The green balls are called Mana Orbs. Collect them! Get keys to unlock doors. Do your best to make it through all of the levels! Good luck!

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