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7.5 / 10 - 177

Jeremy Bongstarr

Save the town from the dreaded summer heat! In this game, the city has had a really bad dry spell. Your objective is to try and make the trees and bushes grown back to normal by watering them. You have a water jet pack on your back that you can use to water everything. You can also use it to fly high up in the air to reach places. Use the directional arrows to move. The left and right arrows will move you back and forth. The up arrow us used to use your water jet pack. Try to make it through the world without becoming dehydrated! Your water meter is on the right side of your screen. You will become dehydrated and move very slow if your water meter runs out. To fill the water meter, you must find puddles or lakes of water. Jump into them to fill it up. You can also find water dripping. Stand under the dripping water to fill your water meter. Good luck Jeremy Bongstarr!

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