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10 / 10 - 4


Hit the zombies with your soccer ball! In Zomboball, you are playing as a Polar Bear with a soccer ball. Your objective is to hit the zombies with your soccer ball. When you hit them with the soccer ball, they "die". You can also hit things like wooden boxes, which can also kill the zombies. Use your mouse to aim. Move your mouse until you are happy with where the arrow on the screen is pointing. Then, click the left button on the mouse to kick the soccer ball. Try to hit all of the zombies before you run out of balls to kick. If you run out of balls before you hit them all, you fail and will have to start over. Each level gets harder. You will have to ricochet your ball off walls and other obstacles to reach some of the zombies. Each level has a certain strategic point to it that you must figure out. Try to make it through all of the levels! Good luck!

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