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Boat Games

Want to go sailing with the wind in your hair? Or do you want to give parking a big cruise ship a shot? These games are awesome for any boat enthusiast! Drive and sail through a lot of games in a cool nautical theme. Do you like racing games but have you grown tired of all that tarmac? Choose the water instead!

Do you like sailing? If so, we think you're going to love our collection of the best boat games you can play online for free. From top down boat simulations to side scrolling action adventure games, we have something for everyone who likes boats. To start, you might want to try Cursed Winds. In this one the enemy is trying to board your boat! You need to stop them at all costs. If you're good enough, you can protect your pirate treasures and win the game. Can you make it all the way to the end in this one?
For a side scrolling boat game, try Upstream Kayak. This game is very exciting as you try to guide your kayak from one side of the screen to the other. The controls are really easy to learn in this one as you try to guide your small boat to the end of the course. Can you balance the kayak. Another fun Flash boat game is Boat Parking. This game has you trying to park boats without damaging them! This sounds easy, but once you start playing you'll quickly realize how much fun it can be and how much skill it takes to park boats.