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Dinosaur Games

Although they have been extinct for a long time now, dinosaurs are still some of the most popular reptiles. We have some of the best dinosaur games around! Whether you're a fan of the T-rex, the Triceratops or another dinosaur, our dinosaur games will definitely entertain you for hours. Everybody can crawl in the skin of a mighty dinosaur, because some of these games are difficult while others are easy.

Welcome to our selection of some of the best Flash dinosaur games you can play for free online! We have dino games for sports gamers, strategy gamers and even some for younger children who like to play simple games that are easy to understand. To start, you may want to look at Dino Restaurant, which combines a simulation game with dinosaurs! What could be more fun? The goal of this game is simple - run a restaurant the right way! If you don't deliver the right food or drink, the dino customer will get mad. You need to earn enough money to clear levels.
For science fiction fans, we even have Robot Dinosaurs. Robotic dinosaurs? You bet! This side scroll shooter game is tons of fun as you try to take your mechanical dino-robot from one level to the next, clearing all the enemies as you go. This is not as easy as it sounds, but being a robot dinosaur is a lot of fun. A great Flash dinosaur game for younger children is Baby Dinosaur. This dress-up game allows them to give different looks to a cute baby dinosaur! This will keep your little dinosaur lover entertained as they try all the different combinations available. You can play this dinosaur Flash game online for free.