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Dragon Games

The mythical creatures of dragons have inspired many people throughout the ages. Their mighty claws and their fiery breath give these animals a fierce look. With our dragon games you can crawl in the skin of one of these impressive creatures. For everyone who would love to be one of these legendary animals, our online dragon games are the perfect form of entertainment.

This mythical creature has been around for a long time. Soaring through the air, breathing fire and capturing princessed. We have dragon games you can play online for free. From simple games for younger children to more involved action and adventure epics, we have some of the best games with dragons available online. In Dragon of Atlantis, four different tribes in Atlantis are doing battle. This strategy game incorporates the mighty dragon really well. You can complete quests in order to gain experience and level-up. The trick to this game is building up your city and having a great dragon. Do you have what it takes to rule all of Atlantis?
For something a little different, try Kill The Dragon. This takes a lot of dexterity. Hold down the mouse button to power-up your fireball and move the mouse to move your character. When you have a shot lined up, release the button and your fireball will go roaring toward the dragon. Can you reach the final level? Another great dragon themed game you can play free online is Curse of the Dragon Egg. You need a good eye in order to be able to spot the differences in two different pictures with a dragon related theme. If you find all the differences, you can go to the next level. If you love realistic dragon graphics, you're going to like this game.