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Pirate Games

Arrrrrr matey! Hoist the sails and set out for open sea in these cool pirate games. You can be a modern day Jack Sparrow and sail the seven seas, looking for that chest of gold!

Are you aspiring to live the life of a pirate? See if you're ready to sail the seven seas and find hidden treasures with these pirate games. From shooting and war games to simple dress-up and coloring games, we have something for everyone. In Cursed Winds, you need to bomb and destroy your enemies before they board your ship and take all your treasure and loot. Saving the treasures you've stashed as a pirate is harder than you might think, especially on some of the later levels when it gets more difficult.
For something a little different, try Caribbean Admiral. In this turn-based strategy game, you need to destroy the other pirate ships so that you can get money and improve your ship as you sail around the Caribbean. Are you ready for a pirate's life? If you want to play a great side-scroller, you need to look at Pirates Vs Ninjas. This game will let you decide once and for all if pirates or ninjas are better! The first levels of the game are pretty easy, but it gets more difficult the further along in the game you get.