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Police Car Games

Do you enjoy the speed and action involved with a cop car chase? Then our police car games are perfect for you. Drive around town and look for the bad guys. Our police car games are full of action and adrenaline fun. If you're looking for an exciting cop car chase, definitely try our collection of police car games!

If you like police car games you can play online for free, you've come to the right place. We have both side scrollers and top down driving games that feature a police car - or a police vehicle of some sort! Fans of the police are going to love these free games you can play online. Zoptirik Police Jeep is a side scrolling driving game that features a police jeep. Do you have the skills needed to clear all the different levels? This one has really easy controls, but the gameplay is still great in a lot of ways.

For a futuristic police Flash game try Moon Police. This is another side scroller, but you're on the moon where the gravity is a bit different. You can use this to your advantage to make sure you clear all the different levels in this game. A lot of fun! If you're in a silly mood, you can try Police Monster Truck. Yes, a police style monster truck driving game! This one is a bunch of fun and will have you playing for hours as you try to improve your skills and get the highest score possible. This is a really fun cop game you can play free online.