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Sniper Games

Sniping is all about precision, patience and stealth. In these game you will have to take out targets that are appointed to you in the best and stealthiest way possible. Enjoy!

Our sniper games are really going to test your skills. Being a sharpshooter will definitely help. We have realisitic sniper simulations as well as other sniping games that are more like cartoons. Either way, you're going to need to have a steady hand to line up the shot and take it. In City Siege Sniper, you're a sniper who has to take out all the bad guys. This is a wonderful shooting game that packs all the battle action you can handle in each and every single level. If you're a good enough shooter, you might be able to make it to the final level in this game.
In Sniper Assassin 3, you're a stick figure sniper! The graphics are cool in this one because everyone is a stick figure and it looks like you're looking through a scope. You have to read the mission objectives carefully so you don't make a mistake and shoot the wrong people! Another great Flash sniper game is Police Sniper. You're a police sniper in this one and you have to take out the bad guys without hitting any of the hostages. As the game goes along it gets more difficult, but with practice you should be able to clear all the levels.