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Swimming Games

Have you ever longed to be a real swimming champ? With these Swimming Games you can experience what it's like to swim as fast as an Olympian. Swim in the most advanced swimming pools or just dive into a heavy flowing river.

Do you love being in the water? If so, you're going to really like our collection of the best swimming games you can play online for free. From dress-up beach games to sports games that are full of action and excitement, we have something for everyone. Cool Swimming Pool is an interesting twist on most swimming games. This one is also a great kissing game! You're with your boyfriend at swim practice and you need to make sure you hug him enough to keep both of you happy. This game is for older children, but it's a lot of fun.
In Swimming In The Sea you need to use the arrow keys to move your swimmer around the ocean and collect the right type of fish. This is a pretty cool swimming game that shows you what it would be like to swim with the fishes in the ocean. Another great swimming related game is Sea Swimming Dress Up. This is your basic dressing game, but the dress-up character is at the beach and getting ready to swim! You need to make sure she has everything she'll need. This is an easy swimming game that will keep young ones involved for hours.