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Tank Games

These are some cool tank games right here. Even though you may be sitting in a steel cage with a huge cannon, that doesn't mean that you are safe! Watch your back and shoot your enemies to pieces!

If you've ever wanted to drive around in a tank and destroy things, you're in luck. We have some great tank games that will have you causing all sorts of explosions. War games aren't for everyone, but if you want to cause a little destruction, you're going to like these titles. One of the most popular tank games we have is Swat Tank. Your mission is to get all the terrorists in this game. To do this you use missiles, bombs, and all kinds of other weapons to kill them and rack up the points. Do you have what it takes to save freedom? The later levels in this one are pretty tough, but with practice you can get through them.
If you want a side scroller tank game, check out Cantankerous Tanks. You're in control of a very heavy duty tank in this one. You can move forward, turn around, and fire your weapons. Rolling over the cars will destroy them and give you points, but for the most you're going to need to level ALL The buildings. This is easy with the kind of firepower you get with this tank! What a game.