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8.7 / 10 - 7

Fly Raptor Rider

Ride your Raptor as far as you can in Fly Raptor Rider! Your objective in this game is to ride your Raptor through the level until you reach the distance objective. The distance you have to make it to to beat the level is at the right of your screen. You have to avoid certain objects or you will die. Press the down button to duck under the arched rocks. Press the up button to jump over rocks or you will trip and fall. Press the right button to dash faster to tear down trees instead of running into them and falling. Press the left button to fire your gun when the T-Rex gets behind you and tried to eat you. Jump over the pterodactyls when they flying low, and duck under them when they are flying high. If you reach it to the end, you beat the level and get to advance to the next! Each level will get harder as you go. Good luck!

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