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Guitar Genious

It's time to make some music! Those who love playing guitar will love this game! Even if you don't play, you can still have some fun! In Guitar Genious, you can choose between five different modes of gameplay. Choose between "Music Mode", "Note Mode", "Speed Mode", "Sound Mode", and "Memory Mode". In music mode, you can make your own music by strumming the guitar strings however you want. Use your mouse to strum the strings. In Note mode, you must push the right letters on your keyboard that are on the screen in the right amount of time. In speed mode, the notes will fall down and you must push the right letter when they hit the guitar strings. You cannot make over 50 mistakes or you lose. You will have 300 seconds to finish this mode. In sound mode, you must listen to the notes being played, and then pick which notes they were at the bottom of your screen. Finally, Memory Mode. In Memory Mode, you will have 32 cards. You must match each card with it's pair. Once you match all 32 cards, you win! Try to win memory mode in the shortest amount of time possible. Good luck and have fun!

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