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Bubble Shooter

All these Bubble Shooter games derive from the original Puzzle Bobble, developed and published by Taito Corporation. In these games you have to remove all the bubbles by shooting them with a bubble of the same colour. As the game progresses, the levels get harder and you have less time to plot your strategy. Timeless and fun for all ages !

Like Bubble Trouble or similar games? Our collection of Flash Bubble Shooter games will keep you entertained and satisfied. We offer quite a selection of different versions of this popular game. The goal is simple - remove as many bubbles from each level as possible. You do this by shooting another bubble. When the color of two bubbles match when they touch, they pop!
If the game sounds simple, you're right, but as you progress through the levels you're going to find them more and more challenging. This is what draws so many people to Bubble Shooter games. We make it easy to find one you're going to love by offering a wide selection of games in this category. Even if you've never played this type of game before, you're going to find one that you can play. It's easy to pick up. One of the best Flash Bubble games we have is Super Bubbles which is all about the colors of the bubbles. You need to think fast, but you also have to clear all the bubbles before you can move on. The more bubbles you get, the higher your score. If you bust the bubbles quickly, you're going to get extra points as well so you can place on the leaderboards on some of the games.