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Spot the Differences

Can you spot the differences between the two pictures? These games are all about being sharp and quick. A closed eye, a different haircut or a dog who suddenly turned purple. This may seem simple to spot but looks can be deceiving. Find out for yourself and enjoy!

Our Flash Spot the Difference games are a great way to pass the time while challenging your brain a little. Some of the photos in these games are just amazing. You're going to spend hours spotting the differences. Can you find them all in time? Play now to find out. For a beautiful find the differences Flash game, check out Butterfly Fantasy. This one features great butterflies. You only have so much time on each level to spot all the differences in this game. If you're fast enough, you can get the high score.
If you want something that involved mystery and crime, you should try Daily Witness. You need to spot the differences so that you can gather clues and solve the crime. The trick is that you only have so much time on each level. It takes a lot of skill to get to the end of this game. Another great spot the difference Flash game is Beach find 10 Differences. In these beach related scenes, you need to find the differences in each picture before the timer runs out. The first pictures are easy, but they do get more challenging as you progress through the game!