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It's-a me, Mario! Play in the fantastic world of Mario in the online Mario games. Play the classic platform games or race around on a bike. You can even race a jetski with Mario. Hours and hours of fun!

For anyone who remembers the classic platformer games from years gone by, the games in this category are going to bring a smile to your face. If you remember console games wistfully, we think you're going to love some of the best Mario-style Flash games in this category. Side scrollers are still really popular because the gameplay is fast and furious but still requires strategy as well as good hand-eye coordination.
With so many great games to choose from we have a few suggestions. For one, Mario Boxing is a great POV boxing game. The rules are simple, but you're going to find yourself getting caught up in the game as you try to KO your opponent. Another cool title is Super Mario Cross Game. In this one, you're on a dirtbike and have to race while getting over all the obstacles. Can you finish in first place? If you like side scrolling jump and run Flash games, all you need to do is look around to see we have collected some of the very best titles available. If you're an old school gamer who misses sitting in front of the television for hours while trying to find secret levels on side scroll games like Mario, you're going to love some of the games we have in this section.