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Fairly Oddparents

Time for Timmy to go microscopic and save Wanda! In this Fairly Oddparents game, a game of hide and seek has gone horribly wrong. Wanda was swallowed by Pappy, and now she's stuck in his incredibly gross digestive system! Cosmo Can't seem to wish her out, so it's up to Timmy to go microscopic and rescue her! Use the directional arrows to move. The up arrow is to jump and the left and right arrows are to move. Press the spacebar to kick, and the "CTRL" key to punch. If you are playing in two player mode, use the mouse to click repeatedly to crumble the green walls. Collect bonuses to refill health, become temporarily invulnerable, destroy all enemies on screen, and even get bonus points! Let's see if you can rescue Wanda! Have fun!

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