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Puzzle Games

Challenge yourself with these cool puzzle games. With such a large collection of puzzle games you will be the smartest man, or woman, once you finished them all! Time to use your brain and solve these puzzles!

If you like puzzling, you're in luck. We have quite a few tantalizing brain teasers that will keep you occupied for hours at a time. You can Match Colors or even Match Shapes. Some of the most popular free Flash games in this category are Gold Strike, Tiles Of The Unexpected and Sport Zuma. And if you like Mahjong Flash games, we have you covered. We have several different versions of this classic Chinese strategy tile game. Mahjong Alchemy is one of the more popular variations that we offer because of the bright colors and cool looking tiles. The others - like Mahjong Tower are good too.
Other types of puzzles that we have include Spot the Differences Flash games. Some examples of this category are Butterfly Fantasy and Brave Kitten, both of which are great examples of Spot the Differences games. They each have their own art style, so you can go with whichever one you want. Games where you Search Images are also a lot of fun. In the world of puzzle games, these are the ones that everyone loves. The Curse Of Amsterdam and Golden Mask are two good examples in this genre. Whichever you choose, if you love to crack your brain, just take a look around.