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TV & Movies

In this category you can play games based on your favorite Movies and Television Shows. Play as Spongebob and make your way through all his Bikinibottom adventures or save Townsville as one of the Powerpuff girls !

If you are the type of person who watches a movie and then wants to take part in the action, now you can with our selection of Flash games based on famous TV characters. Ben 10 Games and Spongebob Games are two popular series that have their very own categories. The Spongebob games aren't all for children - many adults will find them a pleasant way to pass the time.
With video games based on hit movies and television shows, you are able to take control of the star and get the story to go in your own way. Ever want to be Batman and save Gotham city from utter destruction? Now you can! We even have free Flash games based on the Toy Story movies … and beyond! If you have a favorite movie or TV show, there is a good chance we have a game based on it. Naruto Ultimate Biker is one example. Based on the hit anime TV show, this game drops you right into the action as a biker. For fans of the anime cartoon, this fun and addictive game that will provide hours of entertainment - for free. And this is just one of the many different games based on movies and TV shows we have available.