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Action Games

Try all our adrenaline packed Action Games. What we have here is a large collection of all different kinds of Action Games. You can shoot your way through various levels of bloodthirsty enemies or defend your base against invaders, your choice !

You like action and excitement in your video games? We have you covered with a full selection of free Flash games that are full of all types of action. From driving to shooting to running to swinging from ropes to save the Princess, we have something for all types of action gamers in our Action Games category.
Some of these games may contain violence, but battling zombies or aliens isn't necessarily a bad thing! The amount of gore and blood will vary from game to game. Rest assured we have a lot of games that are not violent at all but still contain a lot of action. For these, take a look at our Boxing Games. Okay, maybe those are a little violent as well. You can always check out our action packed category. For those who like first person shooters, we have a free Flash FPS you need to try. Green Beret Castle Assault drops you right into the action. The great thing about this game is that you can advance levels and the game becomes more difficult but not impossible to beat. If you have a little time to kill, this game should fit the bill and keep you excited for a while.