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Zombie Games

These Boxhead games all involve a fair amount of dumb, bloodthirsty zombies who want to eat your brain. You will have to defend yourself against waves of the dirty undead! Grab your weapon of choice and start shooting!

Oh noes! The Zombies are coming. Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Now you can test your skills as you play a wide variety of zombie-themed Flash games online for free. That's right, no need to spend money if you want to kill zombies - in a variety of different ways. The Boxhead More Rooms is a good place to start.
Another fine zombie bashing adventure is Zombie Assault 3 which is a little fast paced. One of the cool things about this zombie game is that you can sign-up for an account and save your progress so you don't always have to start over from the very beginning. Even if you don't sign-up, you can still assault zombies in a variety of ways, making for great gameplay. Whether you are a fan of zombie movies, comic books or just general pop culture references concerning the undead creatures, we think we have a Flash game or two you're going to love playing online. Be sure to set aside a little bit of time so you can get used to the game and really rack up the points by taking out zombies one at a time or in large groups. The decision is yours to make.