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Girl Games

With these Girl Games you can play all games girls like. You can go shopping, get your nails done or do the make-up for famous celebrities! You can even play these games if you're a boy, we won't tell!

No, you don't need to be a female to enjoy our games for girls, but it may help! From Cooking Games to Restaurant Games to Dress-up Games, we have something for everyone. Those are just some of more popular categories. We also have Celebrity Dress-up games and Room Decoration Flash games for girls who are into other types of activities. In Fashion Nails Saloon, you get to choose your nails, nail polish, and stickers to come up with a dazzling design. The best part is there's no mess when you're finished and you can do your nails over and over again until you come up with something you love.
Barbie Pink Room is one of the best games for those who like to decorate and get rooms looking great. With a lot of different options, you can get lost in this game for hours. While everyone may not get the point of this Flash game, we think some girls will love designing rooms.The Richard Hammond Dress Up game let's you outfit your avatar however you like. You can even easily print out your dressed up character when you're done. Geared primarily toward younger children, this game is sure to keep someone entertained for a while.