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Nail Studio Games

Can you create the perfect nails with these Nail Studio games? Experiment with different colors to create your own style. Run your own nail salon and be creative. Don’t know if green nails would look good on you? With these Nail Studio games you can finally find out!

Make-Up and hairstyles are fun, but we have some of the best Nail Studio games you can play online. The best thing about these Flash makeover games is that they're free. This means you can take your time to design the perfect nails by choosing colors, designs, patterns and more. When you're ready to start over, it's simple with no cleanup necessary!
One of our favorite titles in this category is Fashion Nails Saloon. This Nail Studio Flash game even allows you to choose bracelets. You can play over and over again to come up with a thousand or more designs and styles for your nails if you have the time. The only limit is your imagination! Sami's Nail Studio is a little different. You have to help your boss seat customers and then do their nails. Can you survive til the end of the day? Another great Flash Nail Studio game to play online is Funky Nail Design. As the name suggests, this one allows you to come up with some truly unique nail designs. And with no mess or clean-up, you can feel safe letting younger children play these games. Take your time and come up with your dream nails today!