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Kissing Games

Do you want to experience what it is like to kiss with your secret lover? Help these lovely boys an girls kiss without getting caught. Combine romance with strategy to bring love in the air. Get some chewing gum or lipstick and get ready to help Cupid in these kissing games!

Our Flash Kissing Games you can play online are a great way to pass the time and practice up on how to deliver the perfect kiss! The art of the smooch is something these games cover quite well. Some of the games actually require a little bit of skill, so don't think these are all just boring video games you won't like much. From romantic kisses to kiss-off competitions, this category has something for everyone.
If you don't know where to begin, try starting with Secret Office Kiss, which takes place in the office. You need to try to steal a kiss when the boss isn't looking. This isn't as easy at it sounds! If you have a little time to waste, this is a great little game. For something different, try Naughty Classroom or Kiss Me Quickly, two of the best Kissing games you can play online. For anyone looking for a non-violent video game, this is about as far away from violence as you can get! In all seriousness, our online kissing games are free to play and offer a fun way to add a little romance to an otherwise dull day. If you're ready to see if you're a good kisser or not, it's time to pucker up virtually and start smooching your way to victory!