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Pet Care

Have you ever wanted to adopt a puppy or a kitten? But your Mom and Dad said no because of your lack of experience with animals? These games are a great way to teach responsibility. Perhaps you can convince your parents after playing some of these games!

Learning how to take care of a pet is important. Our virtual pet care Flash games are a great way to teach responsibility without having to get a real puppy or kitten. This type of video game is also great for current pet owners. If you remember Tamagotchi, you're going to love the games in this section. In My Cute Pets 2 you need to take care of multiple pets. Each one needs a different movement from your mouse to satisfy them. Can you keep up with everyone who needs some love, food or attention? This game is easy to play but is still challenging and a lot of fun for animal lovers.
At the Pet Grooming Shop, you can learn how to make pooches and kittens look better. Keeping up with all the excitement isn't easy sometimes, but we think a lot of kids are going to love playing this pet grooming video game online. For something a little different but still a lot of fun, try playing Evolvoplus. In this one you're a basic small fish, but you need to get bigger by eating smaller fish. At the same time, you need to avoid being eaten by bigger fish! This is a tank full of fun!