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Cake Decoration

Baking a cake can be a lot of fun. Especially decorating it the way you like it is always a challenge. With our online decorating games you practice all you want without having to do the dishes afterwards. Be the chef you have always wanted to be by mixing the right ingredients, choosing a color for your cake, and applying beautiful decorations. For everyone who loves baking, our flash decorating games are perfect!

We have a great selection of some of the top cake decoration games online. Our Flash baking games will test your skills as a baker. Can you pull off coming up with the perfect cake? If you think you have what it takes to be a master decorator, you need to try one of the games in this section. You need to get every single cake perfect before the timer runs out in Cake Master 2. This is a lot of fun for anyone who loves cake and decorating. With so many options available, you're sure to be entertained while you try to decorate the perfect cake. You may even be asked to serve it at the end if you do good enough.
One of the really cool things about Cake Decorating is that you can print out a picture of your cake when you're done decorating it online! This makes the time you spend getting your cake icing and toppings perfect worth it because you can see the cake printed out. For something different, try playing Cake with Fruit Decorations. In this cake decorating Flash game, you get to add fruit to the top to really make the cake special. This is one of the best cake decorator games we have in this category.