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Alphabet Games

For someone who needs to learn the alphabet or just needs some extra practice, our alphabet games are perfect. They are fun to play and at the same time very educational. Sometimes you will have to learn all the letters to finish the game, another time you will have to defeat your enemies while learning the letters. In any case, our alphabet games are always a lot of fun!

Learning letters doesn't need to be difficult. With our Flash alphabet games, your child is sure to learn something while having fun at the same time. We have a wide variety of games in this section so we're sure to have something for anyone who needs to learn the alphabet or practice some more. In Alphabet Shoot learning letters is made fun by connecting it to a game where you need to shoot down the enemies. Meant for smaller children, this video game is free to play online and is a great way to help kids brush up on the language skills.

Another great alphabet Flash game to play online is Alpha Drive. Children need to know their letters in order to collect all the tokens. While very easy to play, it's a great challenge and practice for anyone trying to learn the alphabet. A fun hidden items alphabet game is Rumble in the Jungle. Anyone who is learning their letters is going to love the fun way that the lessons are taught in this game! Part puzzle and part lesson, this is a great way for children to be entertained and learn at the same time.