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Care Games

Always wanted to take care for a playful dog or a cute kitty but your mom wouldn't let you have one? You can have your virtual pet here. Treat them with cookies and learn them cool new tricks. Your mom won't mind, as long as you keep walking your virtual dog.

Learning how to take care of pets or babies can be educational - and fun! With our Flash Games based around caring for a virtual pet, you will be able to care for a cute little puppy, an adorable kitten, or even help out in a nursery full of babies. For the virtual pet games, you need to interact with them and give them treats and literally care for them so they survive. A lot of the games will allow you to teach your virtual pets tricks!
Some of these Flash Care Games take a lot of time and attention, but this is great for some people. If you look around, you'll see that we have all different types of games in this category - truly something for everyone. No matter what type of gamer you are there comes a time when you want something a little different. A virtual pet may be just the thing you need - even if you don't know it. A couple of our favorite Care Flash games are Grow Nano 3 and Mommy Challenge. When you play either one, you're going to find that the more time you spend with the game the better your pet responds. While walking a virtual dog and making sure it eats might not sound like fun, you might be surprised when you start the game and get into taking care of your pet, even if it's just virtual.