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Topography Games

Test your knowledge with the Topography games. Can you name all the cities in the United States? Which seas and rivers are there in Europe? These are all fun games to see how much you know about our planet. Now just hope that you've payed attention in school!

Our collection of the best Flash topography games will really test your geography. If you like to look at maps and identify different areas of the planet, these video games are right up your alley. All of the games in this section are free to play online so you can try as many as you like until you find the one you like the best. In The Countries Of South America your knowledge of South America is going to be tested. Don't worry if you don't get all the answers right the first time through. You can play again and again for free until you learn all the countries to be able to solve the game with a perfect score!
For something a little more global, try playing Find Cities, which requires you to find cities on a map of the world. This sounds simple, but you may be surprised at how many you get wrong. You can play as many times as you want until you get all of the answers right. Another great geography game is The Countries Of Europe which will test your knowledge of the European landscape and topography. Whichever game in this section you choose to play, we think you're going to have fun learning about different places around the world. How well do you know the world?