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Skill Games

These Skill Games test your gaming skills in a lot of different games with different objectives. Some games will require you to balance objects the right way. Other games have a more classic subject, like Tetris. Try them all to test your skills in these different genres!

Do you have the skills? If so, you're going to love all the free Flash games we offer. From the classic Tetris Sprint and its falling blocks to rolling the balls in the right way in Civiballs, you're going to be able to use your brain and show your skills at the same time. No matter your age, these types of games can cause time to pass quickly! Pac-xon is based on an arcade classic. You zoom around the maze chomping dots and chasing ghosts - or being chased by them! If you can get to the end level on this game, you have some mad classic gaming skills.
In the simply named game of Run, the goal is to avoid the obstacles and get to the end. The first person perspective makes this POV Flash game even more intense. This game proves that not all Skill Games are created equal! Speaking of classic video games, what about Bubble Trouble? This is one of the best skill games that has been around forever but is still a ton of fun. The premise is simple - pop the balloons, but as you play you'll see this isn't as easy as you might think!