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With Filler games it's all about brains and timing. You have to figure out which things to click and fill and when you should do this. Only if you master the skill you will win the game.

Our Flash Filler games are all about timing and knowing how to use your brain effectively. Some of them are simple color fill games, but others take the concept further and give you a lot of different options to choose. And if you're wondering, you can play these games online for free. No need to spend your hard earned money playing these types of video games.
One of the most popular games in this category currently is Pac-xon. In this title, you draw walls to trap the ghosts. The best way to find out more is to just start playing. Once you pick up the basic controls, you can work on increasing your score to see how well you can do. This game looks simple and easy, but it can be challenging as well. Two other Filler Flash games you can play online - right now - are Filler and Land Grab Whichever one you choose to start with, you can always come back and try another one until you find the one that's perfect for you. We understand a lot of different kinds of gamers are out there which is why we spend so much time selecting only the best Flash games to play online.