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Reaction Games

We have the best Flash reaction video games around. If you want to test your reflexes, these games are a great way to do it. You can play any of the games in this section for free, so take a look around and see if any of them are something you would like to play. You can try as many different ones as you like until you find something that you want to play. A good game to start with is Magnet Towers. In this one you need to stack towers with the correct colors quickly. If you're fast enough, you can get more points when you clear the level. The color of the pills is really important so pay attention to this!
In Cubefield, you get to fly around in 3D. Your reflexes need to be super fast in order to make it through all the different levels of this game. Not everyone will be able to beat the final levels, but with practice you may be able to make it to the end of the game. Another great Flash reaction game is Click Maze. In this one you need to guide a small red pill through the mazes. You do this with a mouse, but you need to make sure you're quick enough so you can pass the level and get to the next one. All of our reaction time games are free to play online.