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Reach the other Side

We all remember the old Frogger games. You had to be careful not to get hit by a car while trying to cross the road, as a frog. The goal of these games has changed but we have a lot of different games, hours of old fashioned fun!

Playing Reach the Other Side Flash games can be a lot of fun. The more you play, the easier it will become to know how to get from one side of the screen to the other. While getting to the other side sounds easy, you never know what's going to be in your way. Playing in traffic is usually not advisable, but in I Love Traffic, it can be a lot of fun. If you can reach the other side in this game in the shortest amount of time, you're going to rack up the points. You might be able to get a high score if you're good enough and practice.
Of course, we have to mention the original classic Cross to the Other Side game - Frogger. You play a green frog in this one who needs to hop across the road. This sounds simple, but of course it gets more difficult as you go on. We even have an Easter themed game called Bunnies And Eggs. In this you're a bunny who needs to get to the other side of the screen in time. Little children will like playing this get to the other side Flash game, especially around the holidays.