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Trampoline Games

In these games you can exercise the perfect jump. The overall game plays are quite easy and at the same time the games are highly entertaining. You can perform some awesome tricks on colorful trampolines. Or you just practice on a plain jump.

Our trampoline Flash games are sure to keep you entertained as soon as you start playing. If you're athletic in real life or not it doesn't matter with these great video games you can play online for free. From simple bouncing games to more involved works of gaming art, we have a little bit of everything in this category. Jumping is fun, but you can do tricks in Trampoline 1. As far as trampoline games you can play online, this is one of the better ones in our opinion. The controls take a bit of time to get down, but once you do, you're going to love all the stunt flips you can pull off!
In Circus Zebra, James the Zebra needs a little help. With a little practice, you should be able to do really well in this trampoline game. The gameplay is all about the jumps you can do, of course, but there's a lot of extra details in this title that make it really fun. In Tomato Bounce Catcher, you use a trampoline to bounce tomatoes across the screen to the table. This may sound boring, but it's actually great fun! You really need to think about how the tomato hits the trampoline so you get the right distance and pitch. This is a fun take on the classic trampoline Flash game.