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They say gold never loses its value, neither do these games. The goal in these games is to find as much gold as possible to make the most money. Be part of the Gold Rush and start exploring!

With our wide selection of Flash Goldminer games, you're going to be able to spend hours and hours entertaining yourself with this classic. The concept of these games is simple. You dig in the ground - on Earth or elsewhere - and try to get as many minerals as you can, especially gold. Each of the games has different graphics and gameplay for them all is a little different as well, but if you like the original Goldminer video game, you're going to enjoy anything in this category.
In the original Goldminer game, you are working against the clock as you try to get as much gold as you can. The game is simple, but it gets more difficult as you progress. Once you've mastered the classic, you might want to try out Valentiner or Gold Miner Special Edition. They're both great variations on the game that will give you hours of fun. One of the cool things is that you can purchase new equipment after each level you clear so you can do a better job. Whether you only have a few minutes to spare or you're in a gaming mood and have more time, we have some of the best Goldminer Flash games available. The best part is that you can play them online for free whenever you want. Whether you're normally an action gamer or you enjoy simple games like this, we think our collection of video games in this category is going to impress you.