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Physics Games

We have some of the very best Flash physics games online all in one place so you can easily find one that you want to play. You're going to need to know the basics about gravity and more, but if you have a basic understanding of how physics work, you're going to really enjoy some of the games in this section. When playing Super Stacker 2, you need to make sure you know about gravity. Your goal in this game is to stack the blocks and shapes as high as you can without the structure falling down. Gravity is NOT your friend in this game. See how far up you can build before everything comes tumbling down.
In Crush The Castle 2, your mission is to destroy the castle. In order to do this you're going to have to learn a little about physics. Don't worry, this game is a blast as you take out the enemy castles. The beginning levels are easy, but it does get more challenging as you go along. Our collection of physics Flash games you can play online will keep you busy for hours. The more you know about science and the laws of nature, the better you're going to do in these games. Do you have the skills to get the highest score? Only time will tell.