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Ninja Games

Ninjas are known to be quick, invisible and deadly. Can you fight your way through these games as a soldier from medieval Japan? All these games offer tons of action and endless fun so make sure to try them all!

We have some of the best Flash ninja games around. If you like to hack and slash through adventures after sneaking around to find your foes, you're going to love the games in this category. Action gamers are going to have hours of fun with any of the titles on this page. One of the more popular ninja Flash video games you can play online is Ninja Rinse Out, where you're a ninja warrior who needs to sneak around and take out the enemy before they notice you. This sounds simple, but the levels get harder as you go along. Can you make it to the end?
Another ninja stealth fighting game you may enjoy is Ninja 2. In this one, you need to save your villages from marauding invaders. Be sure to get the gold they leave when you defeat them before it disappears. This will help you increase your high score and reach the ninja warrior leaderboard. In Ninja Plus 2, you need to find all the coins on a level to go to the next one. This sounds easy, but you have to remain undetected while accomplishing this task. This is where the challenge of this game lies. If you spend time with this stealthy ninja Flash game, you might make it to the end.