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Run and Shoot

These games are all about action! Make your way through levels with an endless stream who want nothing more but to kill you! It doesn't matter if the game is set in the past or the remote future, they are all fast-paced and action packed!

Our Flash run and shoot games are great side scrollers from years gone by. If you're a platform gamer who is away from your console and need to play a game, our collection of the best running and shooting games will keep you satisfied with a little fast paced mayhem. To start with, try Thing Thing 4. You're a monster, but you can get revenge on the people who created you. The ability to customize your character sets this game apart. You need to destroy all the enemies to clear the levels completely and win the game. Another game in this series is Thing Thing Arena 3, which is more of a match fighting arena game.
In the exciting platformer Plazma Burst, you need to shoot down all your enemies as you go from one side of the screen to the other. This game has a few surprises up its sleeves. When you play, make sure you pay attention to all the small details so you can get the highest score. When it comes to run & shoot Flash video games you can play online for free, we have you covered. Look around until you find the best side scrolling platformer to play to the final level. Can you make it to the very end stage in any of these games? The time to find out is now.