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Fight Games

Fight your way through tons and tons of levels in these awesome fighting games! You can play as a samurai, a gangster and as a knight! Don't let your enemies win and fight your way to glory !

Ready? Fight! If you remember Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and other great classic fighter platform games, you're going to love this category. We have some of the very best Flash fighting games around - something for all types of gamers. Ready to do battle? In Dad N Me, you can show the playground boss who's really in charge and make your dad proud. This fight game is fast paced, but once you learn all the moves, you're going to be fighting your way through all the levels. If you're good enough, you might get the high score.
Another great Flash fighting game to play online is Straw Hat Samurai. This is a classic hack and slash game that will keep you entertained for hours as you battle your way through the various levels while trying to get to the very end. Can you conquer this fight game all the way to the finish? If you've heard about the Trojan War, you're going to have fun playing Achilles. You play the hero from history as you try to fight off wave after wave of enemies. Action gamers and history buffs are both going to get a kick out of this game.