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Stickman Games

Xiao Xiao was originally created in 2001 by China's Zhu Zhiqiang. In these violent games you are tasked to wreak havoc among your fellow stick-men using all kinds of awesome martial arts moves and weapons. Not for the faint of heart!

Do you like Flash stick figure games? We have some of the best online stickman games to play for free. Whether you like action and adventure or something that will challenge your brain and require strategy, we have something for every type of gamer in this category. To start with, try playing Electricman 2. If you liked Street Fighter or other combat games on your console, you're going to enjoy seeing two stick figures battle it out on the screen. The graphics in this game are actually better than you might think. The gameplay is what will keep you coming back to play again and again.
If you liked Mafia Wars, you're going to love Sindicate. This is a game that is for mature audiences, but it's one that can have you trying to control the city through any means necessary! Do you have what it takes to be king of the underworld? For some stickman platformer fun, try Rage 3, which will have you wishing the levels went on forever. The good news is that there are quite a few challenges for you in this game. Can you make it to the very end? Only the best players will do this.