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Escape Games

Try the escape the room in these hard point and click games. The goal is to collect items that can help you to escape the situation you're in at the moment. Open drawers, check the lamps and look under the rug to escape. Try to finish without having to use the walkthrough help!

Do you love to try to escape? If so, you need to try our collection of the best Flash escape games on the Internet. They're free to play online, so you don't need to worry about rushing. You can take your time and try to make it through all the levels of each and every game if you have the time and desire! For a lot of thrills and chills, check out Haunted House. As the name says, you're in a haunted house in this one and must make your way through all the levels so you can escape. This game is more fun than scary, but it should appeal to lots of different types of gamers.
If you love point and click adventure games, you should play Bowja The Ninja 2. The gameplay is fast, but it takes a lot of skill to be able to get the highest score. Take your time on the early levels to learn the controls so you can dominate later levels! In Insidia, you're stranded on a distant deserted planet and need to collect repair kits to get your spaceship up and running. Can you escape the planet before you run out of time? All of our Flash escape video games are free to play online as long as you like.