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Search Images

In this category we have a variety of search games. The objective in these games is to search for things in a picture. These things can be numbers, letters or images. With different themes and difficulty each of these games has its own character. Try them all to pick your favorite!

For people who are focused on the small details and like games with a slow pace, our Flash search the image games will keep you enthralled for hours at a time. We have some of the best image search titles online, and you can play them all for free. Can you find all the differences or pick up the small clue that allows you to win the game with a high score? One game we recommend is Mystery Case. In this mystery, you need to uncover clues that will help you solve the case and find the missing girl. The game is challenging, but not too difficult. Not everyone will be able to solve the case, but it has hints that can help you get to the end.
A great find the items game you can play online is The Scruffs Online. This game requires you to find a list of items hidden in a picture. The scenes can be cluttered, but this is what makes these types of games so much fun. Can you find all the items in the allotted time? In The Scruffs Online, you're looking for items in each image. You have a whole list of things you need to find before the timer runs out. Don't worry. If you get stuck, you can ask for hints to help you so that you can find everything in time. We really like this search the image for items game.