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Online Sudoku

Do you have the skills to finish these Sudoku puzzles? Your objective is to fill the grid in a logical way with all the numbers. Sudoku originates from Japan where it has been a very popular puzzle game since 1986. Easy to learn, hard to master!

For fans of puzzle games, our selection of online Sodoku Flash games is going to keep you entertained. We have titles for all sorts of skill levels. If you're new to this type of game or have been playing for years, we have something that will challenge you appropriately. Best of all, these games are free to play online! For a really simple game, try Sudoku 2. This has everything you love about Sodoku without a lot of extras. For fans of the game, this title is going to be so much fun you're going to wish it would never end. Don't worry, we have other great Flash Sodoku video games as well.
Another great title is Sudoku Original, which is the original hit numbers game you can play online. If you get stuck, the game does have hints that you can use. For the biggest challenge, try to make it all the way through without using any of the hints at all. Are you good enough? A themed version you can play online is Sudoku Remote. The gameplay is what you know and love, but you get a little extras to keep you entertained as you play. Whichever Sodoku game you decide to play, you don't have to worry about paying to play.