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Speed Cards

These Speed Cards games are different from the traditional card games. The goal in this game is that each player tries to get rid of all of his/her cards. Whichever player finishes his/her cards first, wins!

If you're short on time and in a hurry, you need to try our collection of Flash speed cards titles. We have something for everyone. No matter your skill level, you're sure to find a card game that suits your fancy. The best part is that they're free to play online whenever you want. For a really fast game, try Lightning. The goal is to get rid of all of your cards first. With practice, you may become good at this game. Each round doesn't take very long at all as you're trying to discern the card then press the right arrow key to drop it and move on.

The suit of the cards doesn't matter in Speed Cards. This speed card game is all about the numbers. Direction will switch from ascending to descending, so you really need to pay attention. If you're the first one to get rid of all your cards, you're the winner. Your speed at discerning cards will determine your victory in Speed. If you're fast enough, you can get rid of your cards in time and win the match. You press arrow keys to determine where to put the card. The action in this and all our online speed card games is fast!