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Mine Sweeper

Everyone has played minesweeper at one point in their lives. Sitting behind your computer with nothing else to do but a little game of Mine Sweeper. For the few who don't know the game: The object of Minne Sweeper is to clear a minefield without detonating a mine. Enjoy!

Looking for the best Flash Mine Sweeper games? We have you covered. Take a look around this category to find fun and challenging games based on the original classic. The best part is that you can play these games online for free. If you look around, you're sure to find something that looks interesting. And if you start one game and don't like how it's going, you can always come back and choose another.

If you're not sure where to start, you might try Armor Picross 2. Gameplay is simple. You just need to reveal the colored tiles and avoid the black ones. You get clues so you know which ones are safe to click and which ones you should avoid at all costs. This game gets addictive really quickly. For something a little more different, we recommend Mine Sweeper or Bad Apples, which are both great examples of this genre. With slow and careful consideration needed before each move, these games aren't fast paced, but they can offer a big challenge for those who like to think and reason. Try any of our Mine Sweeper Flash games you can play online for free whenever you have some extra time. You won't be disappointed.