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8.1 / 10 - 2090


Lemmings is a fun puzzle game where you have to guide the Lemmings to the exit of each level. You can assign special skills to each Lemming to help them save their lives. The levels will get harder and harder, so make sure you're ready. Good luck guiding these poor creatures!

Our selection of Flash Lemmings games is going to have you excited about all the possibilities for playing this classic game online for free. The concept of these types of video games is simple. You need to get all the followers to work together to clear the level. While the early screens are easy, the games get progressively more difficult as you go. There's always another challenge around the corner.
In the strategy game Wooglings, you need to lead the forest creatures across the screen to safety. The first stages are relatively easy to clear, but they become more difficult as you go along. Not many people can get to the very end of this game, so count yourself a pro if you manage to do so. Two other great Lemmings Flash games are Snail Bob and All We Need Is Brain. No matter which one you choose, all you need to do is look around to see we have selected some of the funnest Lemmings games you can play online for free. Whether you have played this type of games before or this is your first time, we think you're going to find yourself unable to resist getting through just one more level.