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Breakout Games

The original Breakout game came out all the way back in 1976. It instantly became a succes for Atari who developed it. The goal of the game is simple, you have to destroy the layers of bricks with a bouncing ball. You bounce you ball off the paddle you control. The goal might be simple, these games sure aren't!

Breakout is one of the very first video games developed. It came out back in 1976 and was a hit for Atari at the time. As the name suggests, you try to break out of a wall by destroying layers of bricks on brick at a time. How, you ask? A bouncing ball, of course! This is where the skill comes into play. The best news is that we have many different types of Flash Breakout games for you to try.
While the basic premise of this game is simple, quite a bit of innovation still exists. For example, take Star Ball. In this Flash Breakout game, where some of the bricks take more than one hit to break and other bricks contain power-ups and bonus points. The levels get increasingly difficult, so if you can get your name on the top score list, you're doing good. Some other great Breakout Flash games we offer include Fairy Arkanoid and Crush Maniacs. Both of these titles will let you bash as many bricks as you can. While they're a little different, we think you're going to have fun with them. The trick is in learning how to control the paddle correctly so you can get good angles and break a lot of bricks.