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Pacman Games

This game does not need an introduction. Pacman is an all time classic and still as popular as ever. Now you don't to go all the way to the arcade hall to play but you can just play it here! Just make sure you're not caught by the ghosts!

Chomp the dots and run from or chase the ghosts as you roam through the maze with our collection of the best Flash Pacman games. The best part is that you can play these video game classics online for free whenever you have a little spare time. Some of the variations are really good. In Pacman, you play the classic arcade game. The first few levels are easy, but the ghosts - like Blinky - really start moving fast in later levels. Only the very best players are going to be able to chomp and gobble their way to the final screen.
If you're looking for a fun variation on the original Pacman game, you need to check out Slackman, which takes place in the office. Can you get all the donuts before your co-worker tells the boss and you get fired? Have fun gobbling all the donuts to get the highest score. For something completely different, play Pacman Platform 2. You are Pacman in this game, but instead of going through a maze, you have to jump from platform to platform as you chomp dots and avoid the ghosts. This combines Pacman with a side scroller adventure game.