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8.6 / 10 - 60


Our online wayfinder games are a great entertainment for everybody who likes a simple gameplay but who wants to use his brain. In our wayfinder games you will have to interact with your environment to be able to finish the story and reach the goal. The games are usually easy to play, but quite a challenge to finish. We are certain you will like our wayfinder games if you enjoy solving puzzles!

For fans of puzzle games or brain teasers, our collection of great Flash Wayfinder games are sure to keep you entertained for hours at a time. The gameplay in most of these is really simple, but they're still a challenge to master. If you're a gamer with a brain who likes to think things through and solve puzzles, you're going to love these games. The blue beanie was stolen by a bird in The Blue Beanie. Do you have what it takes to solve all the puzzles in this game? They can be challenging, but we think anyone who likes to reason out puzzles or brain teasers is going to love this game.
In The Evil Penguin it counts how many clicks it takes you to get through each of the levels. Can you find the way to the other side of the screen? The less amount of time it takes you, the higher score you will get in the end. This game is basic, but still fun for some types of gamers who like Wayfinder video games. In Pyjaman, you play a small boy who must find his way through each of the screens. The first ones are really simple, but the game gets a lot more challenging as you go along. Be prepared to have a lot of fun as you try to find your way through all the levels in this one!